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Assessments & Insights 
Leads to
Top Performance


Unlock Insights,

Test Value,



Change Management

  • Understanding & Responding To Your Organization's Diverse Communication 


  • Anticipating & Engaging Resistance

  • Including & Involving Employees In Their Own Transition Management


  • Recognizing Your Team's "Profile":  Its Strengths, Limits, Blindspots... & Potentials

  • Building Relationships Across Diverse Stakeholder Groups 

  • Increasing Innovation/Ideation Abilities

Self Management

  • Preparing For New Work Role (New Executive Appointment; Reassignment)

  • Examining How Well-Developed & Effective One's EQ Is

  • Understanding One's Habits Of Mind:  What Works; What Doesn't; What Could Be


  • Personalizing Assessment-Informed Stress Management Strategies

  • Coaching For Competencies In EQ, Trust Building, Communications

  • Guiding Practices Of Empathy On The Job


unlock insights

test value



Reach New Pathways


Assessments & Insights' 

Engaging & High Impact

WorkLabs & Coaching Programs

Launch Key Stakeholder Events

With Activities That

Include, Engage, & Build Productive Coalitions 


QuickStart New Teams

In Positive Group Dynamics With

Communications, Innovating & Problem Solving Labs

Deepen Leadership Capacity

By Cultivating The Power Of Emotional Intelligence In Action

[Leading Change; Career Advancement; Crisis Management]

via WorkLabs or Individualized Coaching Programs



Customized. Energizing.  Involving.  

Positive. Productive.

  • Anchors your team's  

      Challenge, or      

      Opportunity, in  

      Discovery Sessions.

  • Engages all participants in learning the issues & interactions affecting performance.

  • Facilitates team's use of Insights for Action. 

One On One:

On Purpose.  Affirming.  Engaging.   Meaningful. Personalized.

  • Deepens one's understanding of powerful assessment data.

  • Integrates insights with one's personal WorkPlace Charter.

  • Accelerates skill and ability development in areas like Leading Change, Understanding & Communicating with Others (Empathy), and Resiliency.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

assessments & Certifications

  • Master MBTI Practitioner

  • EQi 2.0 & EQi 360  [Powerful Indicators For Assessing Emotional Intelligence]

  • Birkman [Managerial Strengths & Needs]

  • Appreciative Inquiry 

  • Change & Transition Management Systems

  • Covey's Trust Indicators

  • Adventure Based Learning

  • Future Search
  • Ideation
  • Client-centric Surveys

  • Team Debrief Methodologies

  • Self-Reflection Exercises

25+ years as an accomplished facilitator for in-person and virtual meetings.  25+ years success in delivering hundreds of assessment-based WorkLabs for clients in IT, Accounting, Telecommunications, Government, HealthCare, Aerospace and Project Management.  Partnered with leaders in new executive appointments as well as in their professional development in major enterprises such as Marriott, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Northrop Grumman, EPA and the Veterans Administration.  Counseled individual professionals in their career development, collaborative work, and resiliency.

About Me

Assessments & Insights is a new venture, owned and operated by Dorothy Farley. Dorothy apprentice’d at several major corporations before launching her successful first consultancy, Leadership Practices, Inc., dedicated to leadership development in private and public sectors. 18 years of enlightening, challenging, and varied experiences with people and organizations in change led her to focus her energies on individual and group development. Dorothy uses recognized and proven methods to cultivate her client’s perspective and to support any needs for skill-building and/or behavioral change. In her programs, Dorothy is known for her warm and engaging style. Her approach is collaborative and practical, designed to capitalize on the talents of her clients.

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